Hi, my name is Esmee, and I’m the founder of Pistache. From an early age, I was always interested in clothes. My family always called me their personal shopper/styler. I love to stroll and find the perfect vintage pieces and give pre-loved things a new life. When purchasing a vintage piece of clothing, you always have something unique in your closet. 

Several years ago, I became aware of what is going on in the clothing industry. The impact that producing of clothing has on the environment, the labour conditions in the factories where clothes are made. It’s horrible. I wanted to distantiate myself from that, so I focused on buying second-hand or from labels that try to address these problems. I hope to increase awareness and inspire you to love vintage clothing as much as I do. Vintage pieces are usually made out of better quality fabrics because they were made to last. So they’re  better for the environment, as these clothes stay in circulation.

Sustainability is the core of Pistache. Our aim is to slow down the fast-paced industry. It's our duty, more than ever, to be more conscious when buying clothes. By shopping pre-loved and slow fashion, you help to reduce the demand for fast fashion by approaching things with an honest mindset. 

Our timeless vintage garments are hand-picked in Europe and mostly made from natural fabrics. 

I hope I can motivate you to be more aware and buy more vintage instead of new items. 

Only buy items you will love forever :)